Two Republican state representatives cited for public nuisance by a Dakota County park ranger who wrote they were "making out" in a car at an Eagan park -- a characterization they strongly denied -- said Friday they would pay their fines anyway to settle the matter. 

Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Red Wing, and Rep. Tara Mack, R-Apple Valley, drew the citations on Aug. 25 at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported earlier this week that in court documents, the ranger said the two were doubleparked, and that he discovered them making out in one of the cars. Both Kelly and Mack, who are married to other people, called that report false. 

But both lawmakers released separate written statements on Friday that they had paid respective $260 nuisance fines. 

"Although I still do not agree with what was written in the report I have settled this parking/nuisance citation and have paid the fine," Kelly said. 

"With the loving support of so many, I'm moving on to focus my time and attention on my marriage, my family and those in my community," Mack said. 

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