Here’s a couple of interesting items on the St. Paul City Council’s July 11 agenda.
Calling on Village Voice Media to shut down the adult section of its online classified site,, because it serves as a platform to traffic minors for sex.
All but the most depraved can agree that’s a noble request.
Authorizing the Police Department to donate seized alcoholic spirits to the Little Sisters of the Poor, to be used for their residents on special occasions.
Whistleblower did a double take on that one.
But thankfully the resolution doesn’t propose handing out liquor to folks undergoing in-patient alcohol-dependency treatment. It is meant only for consumption by mainly elderly, poor residents of the organization’s Holy Family Residence on Exchange St., and only for special occasions.
The police department is not allowed to auction or drink seized alcohol, so what else are they going to do with it.
It sounds as though the residents would be able to have quite a shindig or three; As much as $10,000 in alcohol is proposed for donation on an annual basis. If it brightens a few days, Whistleblower is all for it.

Click here to read the city council's agenda with links to resolutions.