As food hall concepts continue to emerge around the Twin Cities, the folks from New Bohemia think they have a unique angle for their giant undertaking: an indoor, trailer park-themed food truck yard.

Housed in a 7,000-foot warehouse-like space, Seventh Street Truckyard will encompass three bars, three food trucks, carnival-esque entertainment and a whole lot of quirkiness.

When it opens in August, those who wander through the row of garage doors opening up to 7th St. will find a maze of free games – ring toss or basketball shoot, anyone? – camp-style seating and food trucks fitted with a variety of kitchens.

A lime green RV will churn out buttermilk fried chicken, street tacos on house-pressed tortillas and 24-inch chicharrones topped with jalapeño cheese dust and served on cutting boards. A 1979 Winnebago will operate as a pizza kitchen marked by pies decked out with New Bohemia’s rattlesnake and alligator sausages (along with more traditional toppings). Another truck will peddle Mojo Monkey doughnuts, and what COO Brian Ingram believes to be the world’s largest ice cream sandwiches – made with 10 pounds of T-Rex cookies and ten pounds of Sebastian Joe’s ice cream.

“Everything is going to be really tongue-in-cheek,” Ingram said. “We’re really trying to make people feel like they’re on vacation.”

It wouldn’t be a holiday without the drinks: the center bar will have a rum focus – whipping up tiki drinks like Mai Tais and Hurricanes, and other original concoctions – on a two-tiered space that includes an indoor roof deck.

Meanwhile, a VW bus will dole out 25 and 40-ounce old-school brews such as Schlitz and Pabst in brown paper bags, along with $10 bottles of Boone’s Farm and Mad Dog 20/20.

“If you’re not into low-brow drinks, we’ll have your Robert Mondavi and stuff like that,” Ingram said with a laugh. “But there are so many places where you can get a craft beer for $10 or $15, so we just wanted to keep this down and dirty.”