The Saint Paul Police Department is built on a solid foundation of trust, service and respect.
These virtues are part of our DNA, and our officers, sergeants and command staff work every day to build strong connections with people throughout the city.  
Unfortunately, some have recently engaged in activities that have worked against these efforts. Specifically, the federation leadership has raised questions about a burglary at a mayoral candidate’s home that are not in the interest of an investigation, but are designed to advance its own political agenda.
These unnecessary and irresponsible questions hurt the relationships we have worked so hard to build and galvanize. The tone and the tenor of these messages take away from our mission.
Let me be clear about three things:
•    I am proud of the great work done by officers and investigators who found the person responsible for the burglary, leaving no open questions about the case. 
•    I am proud of the way our officers treat the people they serve every day—with dignity and respect.
•    Politics can play no role in the way we respond to and investigate crimes.
We have a great police department made up of exceptional women and men who care deeply about the people they serve. I know the public recognizes this fact, and I am disappointed that a small group of people put our community trust in jeopardy.
I also know that the divisive rhetoric of a few does not define us.
Please be assured that I will continue to be a champion of all the great work you do on a daily basis.
Chief Todd Axtell