St. Paul mayoral candidate Melvin Carter’s home was burglarized Tuesday morning as he was heading to Mayor Chris Coleman’s budget address.

Stolen were a secured lockbox containing two handguns, as well as electronics and household goods, police spokesman Steve Linders said.

Carter was on his way to hear Coleman speak when a neighbor alerted him that someone was entering his home on Aurora Avenue in the Summit-University neighborhood, said Emily Weber, a spokeswoman for Carter’s campaign.

He called the police and headed home, she said.

“When I arrived home I discovered an intruder, who fled the scene,” Carter said in a statement.

His family was not home at the time.

“The experience of a home invasion is a traumatic one for myself and my family, especially my children,” Carter said.

He’s thankful to be surrounded by neighbors who look out for each other, Weber said, as well as grateful for the police’s quick response.

As the son of a police officer, gun safety is a top priority for Carter and his family, Weber added.

Linders said Carter and his neighbors provided police with a lot of detail, and investigators are still working to identify who broke into the home.