St. Paul may be smaller, quieter and arguably less hip than Minneapolis. But the capital city can still play.

Mayor Melvin Carter and City Council members threw down the gauntlet Wednesday and challenged Minneapolis leaders to a snowball fight.

On Wednesday evening, the mayor tweeted a 40-second video of himself with council members and city staffers gathered outside City Hall, tough-guy faces on and snowballs in hand.

“I’m St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter,” Carter said to the camera. “I’m here with members of my staff and the whole St. Paul City Council with an important message.”

The snowball fight will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday at McMurray Athletic Fields at Como Regional Park, located at 1151 Wynne Av. in St. Paul.

“If you choose to accept this challenge, assemble your crew,” Council Member Rebecca Noecker said in the video. “We’ll be outside in the Bold North.”

The snowball fight will have three rounds — one for elected officials and city staff, one for children under 12 and one for participants over 12. The city that wins two of three rounds will be crowned the champion.

The Parks and Recreation department also will provide other winter activities.

“We all have cabin fever. We’re all sick of all this snow,” Carter said in an interview. “We might as well have some fun with it.”

Shortly after Carter posted his video, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted a response accepting the challenge. In it, he’s sitting in the snow outside City Hall, reading a book.

“Mayor Frey, Mayor Carter just challenged you and the entire council to a snowball fight,” a voice off-camera said.

“Yeah, we’ll see you there,” Frey responded.