Jurors convicted a St. Paul man Friday of fatally shooting his cousin last year in a dispute over money.

Chevaze D. Ward, 25, was convicted of second-degree murder with intent and second-degree murder without intent for the June 25 death of Lamar Hale, 25.

Jurors in Ramsey County District Court began deliberations after noon Friday and returned their verdicts by early evening.

According to the complaint filed against Ward, he and Hale had been involved in an argument for several days. The day of the shooting, a car in which Ward was riding stopped. A car in which Hale was riding then pulled up alongside Ward’s car.

Witnesses told authorities that Hale got out of his car and opened the door to the other car to pull Ward out. “The defendant then pulled a handgun out of a white sock and shot [Hale] multiple times. The defendant then ran away on foot,” the complaint said.

Hale was driven to a fire station for help. From there, he was brought to Regions Hospital, where he died.

Ward was arrested in the area shortly after the shooting. Police also recovered a handgun in a tube sock nearby.