St. Paul residents previously had to cross into Roseville, Minneapolis or another surrounding city to buy alcohol at liquor stores after 8 p.m. on weekdays. Not for much longer.

The City Council on Wednesday approved an extension of the hours that liquor stores and breweries can sell alcohol that will be consumed off-site. Starting in 30 days, the businesses can make those sales until 10 p.m., which is in line with most cities in the metro area.

The state law governing off-sale liquor hours changed more than a decade ago from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. for Monday through Thursday. Other cities made the switch but St. Paul stuck with the earlier time, which has caused frustration at local breweries that want to sell takeaway beer later.

While brewers have been on board with the new policy, some liquor store owners raised concerns about the cost of staying open later. But Council Member Chris Tolbert, who sponsored the change, said that people have generally supported the move.

Council Member Amy Brendmoen, whose ward borders Roseville, also backed the change.

“It makes perfect sense to me that our law is the same as the law of the city that is right next door,” she said.