The St. Paul City Council voted to exempt the new Minnesota United soccer stadium from noise limitations Wednesday, allowing games to take place without special approval from the city.

The ordinance had drawn some opposition from nearby residents worried about the effects of stadium noise on their neighborhood.

Before the vote, Council Member Dai Thao, whose ward includes the stadium, thanked residents for their input and said his office will continue to work with neighbors and the team once Allianz Field is up and running.

Council Member Russ Stark, whose ward is adjacent to Thao’s, said exempting Allianz Field from noise limitations makes sense, given that the council already adopted an agreement with the team that allows them to play games there.

For Minnesota United fans, Wednesday’s unanimous council vote means they can continue the tradition of singing, chanting and cheering on their team as vigorously as they want.

“From our standpoint as supporters, the louder the better,” said Mike Brandes, communications chairman for the Dark Clouds, the Minnesota United fan group.

“We want to provide Minnesota United with an unrivaled atmosphere, and that is based on being loud and having full-throated support for the team on the field.”

The ordinance does not provide a blanket exemption for all stadium events. Musical performances and fireworks displays, as well as any events that are not city-sponsored or are not related to home games or league events, will have to stay within noise limits or apply for a variance.

Allianz Field is expected to open in 2019.