Xcel Energy says a squirrel is to blame for a brief, widespread power outage Sunday morning in Minneapolis that left 9,500 customers without power.

"What happened is that a squirrel came into contact with some of our equipment that caused the outage," Xcel spokeswoman Lacey Nygard said shortly after most of the power was restored.

Reports of the outage started to trickle in about 10 a.m. Within an hour, most of the affected customers had power again, Nygard said.

It's unclear where the outage occurred, but she guessed somewhere in the St. Anthony Main area or near the University of Minnesota East Bank steam plant, as those two areas in northeast Minneapolis were the most affected.

Nygard said that the total time without power was about 42 minutes.

"It's never fun to be without power, so we want to make sure we get power restored as quickly as we can," she said.