Hope remains for a prep spring sports season after the Minnesota State High School League on Friday delayed the start of games between schools.

Teams in the league’s 10 offered sports can practice, train and conduct tryouts per usual. The difference, however, is no competition against other schools is allowed until April 6 at the earliest — scrimmages included.

Weather permitting, outdoor sports softball and track and field could have started competing March 19. Baseball, boys’ tennis, and golf could have faced foes on March 26.

The biggest delay, however, involves adapted bowling, adapted softball, badminton and synchronized swimming. Teams could have started competing March 12 in those indoor sports. Lacrosse, which doesn’t start playing games until April 9, is less likely to be affected.

Practice and training is underway for six of the 10 spring sports. The other four begin on one of the upcoming Mondays in March.

“We learned from school superintendents the importance of giving schools an opportunity to make plans a few weeks ahead,’’ league Executive Director Erich Martens said. “The date could be extended or, though highly unlikely, shortened.”