Local FM sports talk station 105 The Ticket, which changed formats in 2013, has dropped its local weekday shows as of Monday — meaning recognizable Twin Cities sports talk personalities Mike Morris and Bob Sansevere are no longer on the air. Scott Jameson, the operations manager at the station, said the weekday format will be exclusively CBS Sports Network national content.

Jameson said the goal is now to "focus on the network product and provide it to people who prefer that," though he acknowledged the station's difficulty gaining listener traction with its local programs.

not pleased Cowboys QB Tony Romo is not happy that the NFL, in his mind, helped shut down a fantasy football convention slated to be in Las Vegas.

Kicker Two fans are trying to see 30 MLB games in 30 days, and Target Field was No. 10 on their list Monday. Follow their progress at 30in30for30.com.