Violent thunderstorms will wreak havoc Saturday from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama northward to the Ohio River. In this general area, numerous tornadoes are expected, and a few could be exceptionally powerful with the chance for serious damage to some communities.

DO NOT TAKE THIS SITUATION LIGHTLY! IT IS THE MOST VOLATILE WE HAVE SEEN SO FAR THIS SEASON! While the South and Midwest are being hammered by severe thunderstorms Saturday, the weather out West will turn delightful. The cold flow that existed in California, Nevada and Arizona during the past couple of days will be completely gone, and temperatures will make a remarkable recovery. For instance, the high deserts of Southern California and western Arizona can expect low to middle 90s Sunday afternoon. Thursday in Phoenix, the high was 67, so it's going to be quite a change.

Story by Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.