Thomas Michael Luby was charged with murder Monday after he allegedly stabbed Kelly Ann Anderson to death in his South St. Paul home.

Luby, 58, was arrested Friday after he called the police around 4 a.m. and told the dispatcher there was a dead woman at his house, “because I killed her,” according to the criminal complaint. He told the dispatcher he stabbed Anderson in self-defense.

Luby was the first person charged with a murder in Dakota County this year, according to a news release by County Attorney James Backstrom.

Luby has been previously convicted of driving intoxicated at least four times and of disorderly conduct. Anderson was convicted of domestically assaulting someone in 2009 with intent to inflict bodily harm.

Luby’s bail is set at $1.25 million. He faces one count of murder in the second degree. His first court appearance was set for Monday and he will appear in court again Aug. 24.

Jessie Van Berkel