Q: My question is about the Zvox AV157 TV Speaker and the SB380 soundbar. Which do you recommend as best for the hearing-impaired?

A: The AV157 TV Speaker is a smaller speaker that is optimized to improve TV dialogue. It has six AccuVoice settings as well as six special SuperVoice settings. SuperVoice improves dialogue clarity even further by reducing background sounds while using AccuVoice to lift the voices over the soundtrack. The AV157 is the clear choice for the hearing-impaired, or anyone who wants to improve their TV sound without going to a larger home theater soundbar.

I should add that after I recommended the AV157 in October, it has generated one of the most overwhelmingly positive reader responses I have ever received. The comments included: "I'm 87, use hearing aids, and have been wearing remote headphones. Since I bought this unit, I can't believe the clarity of sound that the Zvox produces." Another reader wrote: "It is really great, in fact so great that I ordered two more."

And here's some more great news: A sale that was scheduled to end Nov. 3 has been extended through Nov. 23. Use the code VOTE2020 at zvox.com to save $100 on the AV157, bringing the $299 price down to $199 with free shipping.

Picture perfect

Here's a wonderful product that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to brighten up living and work spaces with beautiful photographs.

Mixtiles are 8- by 8-inch photo tiles that stick and re-stick without nails. They are designed to be ordered in quantity and arranged as wall art. Just upload your photographs through the website or the app, place your order and they are delivered in about a week. The visual impact they make must be seen to be appreciated, and I suggest visiting mixtiles.com to see some of the possibilities. I have several examples posted on my soundadvicenews.com website, as well.

Through Nov. 20, you can get a special deal on Mixtiles. They are normally $11 each, but with the code SAVE50, if you buy 10 you get 10 free. Getting 20 Mixtiles for $110 provides a lot of decorating options for various rooms, or you can arrange them all in a giant photo arrangement. Gift cards are available, as well, and shipping is always free.

When I see lots of arranged tiles with smiling faces, it makes me smile, too.

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