Q: I recently purchased the Polk LSiM707 floorstanding speakers you recommended. Now I want to upgrade my disc players because the new speakers reproduce sound much better than my old speakers did.

I currently have two Blu-ray players, a Sony UBP-X800m2 and an Oppo BDP-83. I have these players because they can play my DVD-A, SACD and DTS discs as well as CDs. I want a player that sounds better than what I have now, but I realize that I might not find one that plays all the different kinds of discs I have. If I can't find something that plays them all, I would like to find a player that sounds amazing with what it does play. My budget is $1,000, but I could be flexible. It will not be used for video, just audio.

A: "Universal players" such as yours that play every disc format are very rare now. The Pioneer UDP-LX00 is the only one I know that still is being marketed, and they are hard to find. In fact, it is rumored to be discontinued. Even if you can track one down, I would not wager heavily that it would be dramatically better than your Oppo BDP-83 in the sound quality department. An Oppo BDP-105 checks all your boxes, but they are over $1,000 used.

After a lot of thought, I came to the $599 Emotiva ERC-4 CD (emotiva.com) player as the best solution. I have the model below it, the Emotiva CD100, and it was noticeably better than the unit it replaced, which was no slouch. Use the ERC-4 to play your CDs and continue to use the other players for your DVD-A, SACD and DTS discs. You then will have the best of all worlds.

Look Ma, no hands

Every day we are reminded how important it is to sanitize or wash our hands frequently. It has made me very mindful of how often I touch surfaces that are touched by others. Whenever I grab a door handle or use my debit card with a PIN pad, I immediately reach for the little bottle of sanitizer I keep in my pocket to clean my hands. It's inconvenient and messy.

I have seen door opener/interface devices for sale for as much as $40 each and had been thinking of getting one. So when I saw the Fiport No Touch Door Opener selling in a package of four for $14.99, I figured I would give it a try. I was impressed.

It comes on a key ring and is strong and stiff. Opening a typical commercial door in a public place is easy, and even doors that have a twisting handle (not doorknob) can be readily manipulated. It is also easy to use with a PIN pad or to flush toilets. In short, it mostly eliminates touching dirty surfaces.

It can be located on Amazon by searching for the specific term "Fiport No Touch Door Opener." I am buying more to give to friends and family.

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