Q: I was looking for noise-canceling headphones when I read your column last week about the Zvox AV50 AccuVoice noise-canceling headphones for $69.99, reduced from $149.99. I immediately went to the Zvox website, and they already were showing it as sold out. What happened?

A: The coronavirus happened. In the time between when I wrote the column and it appeared in print, Massachusetts decided that headphones and TV soundbars aren’t considered essential materials and ordered the Zvox shipping center to close. The headphones weren’t gone; they just couldn’t be sold from there. Zvox has moved its inventory to Amazon, which has been allowed to keep operating because it sells essential items, including food and health supplies.

The headphones are selling there for the same $69.99 price, with free shipping. The offer runs through May 10.

Save by pairing equipment

Q: What do you think of the Emotiva Airmotiv T1+ speakers vs. the T-Zero speakers? I am building a system with speakers, receiver and a CD player for a large room. What else would you recommend to complete the system? My budget is $1,700.

A: The $699 Emotiva Airmotiv T1+ is an improved version of the T1, which stood one model above the $399 T-Zero in the product line. Although the larger T1 had more bass, the less-expensive T-Zero was considered a better speaker overall because it had refinements not available in earlier models. The T1+ incorporates the same refinements found in the T-Zero, so I would consider it the better speaker if you have a large room.

Because you are interested in other equipment, too, there’s a way to pare down the price difference. Emotiva (emotiva.com) recently announced a deal that will get you 30% of your purchase price back as a store credit. So, in your case, I would buy the T1+ speakers for $699, check out, then go back and use your $209 credit toward one of Emotiva’s excellent CD players.

If anyone wants to build a new system around the famed Emotiva T-Zero tower speakers, the 30% back is especially compelling. Buy the T-Zero towers for $399, check out and pay for your order. Then you can use the $119 credit toward the $399 TA-100 receiver. This will get you an Emotiva system with speakers and amplification for only $679.

You don’t need expensive electronics to make it sing. It has a digital converter built in, so you can buy a cheap $40 DVD player (or use one you have around the house) and use it to play CDs through the digital connection. Use the $49 Emotiva BTM-1 Bluetooth to add Bluetooth functionality, and you can play vinyl for an extra $99 with the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 turntable. (audio-technica.com)