We all love deals, so I will start this week with news from Sbode, an up-and-coming manufacturer of portable electronics.

Earlier this year, I wrote about Sbode Sport Bluetooth Headphones, which are a standout for their sound quality and value. Selling for $23.99, they were the best sub-$25 earphones I had ever heard, and they are well made, comfortable and well balanced on the ear. It's not a stripped-down product; the earphones come in attractive packaging complete with a semihard case and charging cable. Once word got out about them, they sold out quickly.

Because of that demand, I was expecting that when the headphones became available again, the price would go up. Even with a 25 percent jump, which would have increased the cost to $30, I would still give them my two-thumbs-up recommendation. But I was delighted to see that the price hasn't gone up. In fact, it's gone down.

Yes, you read that right: They are even less-expensive now. Until July 31, Sbode is selling the earphones on Amazon for only $18.99 by offering a $5 off coupon displayed on the Amazon product page. I think that's a bit too cheap for them, but if they want to make such offers, I am happy to tell people about it. If you need earphones, don't miss this deal.

I also had a chance to hear Sbode's small M350 Bluetooth speaker recently, and it is another winner. Selling for $34.95, this attractive, small, cylindrical speaker also includes FM radio with an auto-tune mode and TF Card (MicroSD) playback. You can pair two of them together as left-right speakers for stereo playback. I have a lot of unique and interesting music saved on TF cards, and the Sbode Bluetooth speaker has become my TF card playback device of choice. It has the natural, well-balanced sound that makes for pleasant listening. The speaker can break up a bit at max volume, but that is the only critical thing I have to say. Sbode is giving away four of them in a promotion ending July 25. See Sbode's Facebook page for details.

TV antenna picks

Q: We need a television antenna and have seen them recommended in your column. What indoor antennas do you suggest?

A: One of my favorite indoor antennas is the Winegard FlatWave antenna, which is $29.99 for the basic model and $59.99 for the amplified version (winegard.com). Another great one is the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse (antennasdirect.com), which sells for $39.99 (basic) and $59.99 (amplified).

My website has a category for antennas that includes several columns, including "Choosing the right television antenna."

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