The crowd and stage lit up many times during MMJ's long set.

The crowd and stage lit up many times during MMJ's long set.

Each band offered up a somewhat unusual mix of songs last night at Somerset Amphitheater. Nearly all of Trampled by Turtles' songs came off their new record, "Stars and Satellites." Band of Horses, however, only played one song off their album due out in a month ("Long Vows," a sweet one but not one of the disc's highlights). My Morning Jacket mixed things up most of all, playing most of the songs off their last record at the start of the set while also going back to some way-oldies, such as "At Dawn," "The Way That He Sings" and "The Dark." Still, I personally would have liked more than the three off 2003's "It Still Moves."

Most of the quibbling off of Friday night's show, though, will be over that just plain idiotic beer-line debacle. I heard solid reports of hour-long waits for a beer (including the wait also required at the damn food/drink-ticket line). Considering that concert venues make most of their money off beer sales -- and Somerset Amphitheater certainly could use a cash injection after SoundTown's cancellation last month -- the problem will no doubt be remedied next time. Beyond that, I'll take a long beer line at a scenic outdoor venue over an instaneous Budweiser at Roy Wilkins Auditorium anytime of the year, and I side with 89.3 the Current jockey Jill Riley's candid assessment of the matter: "This should not go down as the night you couldn't get a beer. It should go down as the night you saw My F^#%-ing Morning Jacket!" Obviously, the Current won't be rebroadcasting the show like it did MMJ's last time in the area (Rock the Garden).

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At Dawn  /  Circuital  /  Outta My System  /  Holdin’ on to Black Metal  /  The Dark  /  The Way That He Sings  /  Where to Begin /  I Will Sing You Songs  / Mahgeetah  /  It Beats 4 U  /  Wordless Chorus  /  The Day Is Coming  /  Touch Me, I’m Going to Scream, Pt. 2  /  Dondante  /  Phone Went West              ENCORE: Wonderful (The Way I Feel) – with Trampled by Turtles, including Dave Simonett singing one verse  /  Victory Dance  /  I’m Amazed  / Anytime  /  One Big Holiday

Trampled by Turtles

Trampled by Turtles


The First Song  /  The Great Salt Lake  /  Weed Party  / General Specific  /  Long Vows  /  No One’s Gonna Love You  /  Laredo  /  Older  /  Cigarettes, Wedding Bands  /  The Funeral  /  Northwest Apartment  /  Is There a Ghost

Midnight on the Interstate  /  Walt Whitman  /  Sorry  /  Victory  /  Widower’s Heart  / Risk  /  Wait So Long  /  Keys to Paradise  /  Bloodshot Eyes  /  Alone

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