Since the NFL instituted a rule in 1998 prohibiting players from wearing tinted visors, only players who receive medical clearance are allowed to wear them during regular-season games.

But during the first two days of Vikings minicamp, several players – including Adrian Peterson, Kyle Rudolph, Mike Wallace, Jarius Wright and Cordarrelle Patterson – have worn chrome-tinted visors. Defensive end Brian Robison has a medical clearance to wear a tinted visor during the regular season.

While the tint helps on sunny days, players admit the futuristic looking apparel is more for style.

“We’re just trying to get out here and spice it up a little bit,” Wright said. “Just have something new out here for us to keep things fun and interesting.”

Wallace said he’s worn visors since high school and can easily make the adjustment back-and-forth from a tinted one to a clear one. Wallace wears tinted visors during warmups during the regular season, and said it helps during the game because he can see balls better with a clear visor.

But for Wallace, it’s more about looks.

“It’s a little swag, it’s a little swag,” he said. “Coach is letting us do a little something fun as long as it’s not messing up our playing.”

Wright said he’ll switch back to wearing a clear visor full-time sometime during the preseason. However, players are keeping it under wraps where the idea to wear them came from.

Said Wallace: “It was a group decision by some great offensive guys. But we don’t want to spill the beans so they start coming at us. We kind of planned it out together and we made it happen.”


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