A state administrative law judge has recommended upholding of the denial of a social work license for Hashim F. Yonis, who was convicted in 2014 of theft by swindle for keeping money paid for rental of Minneapolis park soccer fields.

The recommendation by James E. LaFave now goes to the Minnesota Board of Social Work for a final decision. The board determined earlier that Yonis lacked the proper work experience as an assistant principal at an unnamed charter school to be grandfathered for a license.

It also denied his application because of the 2014 conviction and because he didn't disclose the pending charge when asked about it on his license application, according to a LaFave's recommendation. He will be on probation until late January.

Yonis held a position as a youth specialist with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. He was charged with theft by swindle for stealing city park rental fees. He applied for a social work license after being charged, saying there were no charges pending against him on his application. When questioned why he didn't disclose the charges, LaFave said, Yonis responded after he had been convicted that he had been questioned by police and that the matter was pending.

He has been among a group of activists who have appeared at Park Board meetings since May to protest what they deem as inequitable treament of minority park employees in hiring, promotion and discipline and argue that park services short-change high-minoirty or high-poverty neighborhoods. He has paid $480 in restitution to the Park Board as part of his sentence. 

Yonis said he had no comment about the matter. He was an unsuccessful candidate for Park Board in 2013, while he was under investigation. His campaign committee terminated last year, with a $3,000 loan Yonis made to his campaign unpaid.