A major snowstorm is getting underway across Colorado and southeastern Wyoming, and a yardstick will be needed for its final totals in some areas. The storm that has been creeping through the West since the start of the week will be responsible for the burying snow. The slow pace of the system will cause snow to continue, heavy at times, into Saturday.

Areas from Cheyenne to Denver, as well as the foothills and mountains to the west, will bear the brunt of the snowstorm. From 8 to 16 inches of snow is forecast for the Interstate 25 corridor. Amounts could reach the 2-foot mark across the ridges and peaks to the west.

With the highest terrain being the exception, snow will not get blown into higher drifts. This will be due to the wet and heavy, not powdery, nature of the snow.

Road conditions on the I-25 corridor will be at their worst Friday evening through Saturday morning. During this time, travelers can expect snow-covered roads and very low visibility.

Major flight disruptions should be expected at Denver International Airport into Saturday.

Story by AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.