Harry A. Sieben Jr. packed his dark suits on Wednesday and hopped a plane for Hollywood, where he'll spend a few hours with his three fellow attorneys (and brothers), Mike, Bill and John, to tape an episode of the ABC hit "Boston Legal."

Sieben, 64, has been Speaker of the House in the Minnesota Legislature, a major general in the Minnesota Air National Guard and a lawyer for Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum & Carey. But in the court of entertainment TV, this is his first trial.

"Just trying to get discovered," he said, laughing by phone while en route Wednesday.

The Sieben brothers landed the spot via a suggestion two years ago from a friend who works on the show. The call suddenly came last week, so the brothers quickly rearranged their schedules.

While he has no idea yet what types of roles the four brothers will be assigned, Harry Sieben said that he's already spoken on TV hundreds of times and that he'll "do what he can" for the show, which he said he watches regularly.