March 15, 1920 SId’s Birthday

The Minneapolis Morning Tribune of March 15, 1920, landed on doorsteps chronicling the aftershocks of World War I in Germany, prohibition in America and the ongoing fight for women’s right to vote. Not newsworthy (then anyway) was Sid Hartman’s birth that day at Asbury Hospital on Minneapolis’ North side, to Jack Hartman and Celia Weinberg.

October 1, 1927 Age 7

A 7-year-old Sid Hartman was not yet in the newspaper business when Babe Ruth hit his legendary 60th home run of the 1927 season. Sid began his newspaper career about two years later, selling them for 2 cents apiece. This past summer, a 99-year-old Sid watched the Twins write their own home-run history with their 307 “bombas.”

January 2, 1962 Age 41

Sid was a young buck when he covered the Gophers’ last Rose Bowl game. This Minneapolis Morning Tribune sports page shows a Sid byline across the top and another one on the left side. P.J. Fleck had longtime Gophers fans eyeing a return to Pasadena, Calif., this past season, and Sid would have been there if Minnesota had won one more game.

October 26, 1987 Age 67

As Minnesota went hysterical with its first modern-day big-league championship, Sid was all business. The Twins beat the Cardinals in Game 7 of the 1987 World Series, and Sid did what Sid does: interviewed the commissioner, the owner, the manager and a few players, and wrote it all up for the next morning’s “Magic!”-al Star Tribune.