Here's a tip for comedy fans allergic to crowds: Head out to clubs on Thursdays. Most touring headliners will start their weekends early, even if it means entertaining sparse audiences on their opening nights.

That was certainly the case Thursday at Rick Bronson's House of Comedy where Andrew Santino performed to less than two dozen people, a staggeringly low turnout considering the veteran comedian sells out in many major cities and is currently starring in Showtime's terrific drama, "I'm Dying Up Here" as a chronically jealous stand-up with serious daddy issues.

The show, executive produced by Jim Carrey, won't return until next summer, giving Santino plenty of opportunity to practice his primary craft.

His trademark -- getting cranky about politically-incorrect America and intolerance -- were well on display in his Minnesota debut with some lighter ribbing about the Mall's roller coaster and HOC's stage, which is currently under construction.

"Once a year, everyone should get to hit a random kid," he said before making a pretty sound argument defending bullying.

You can see more of his sore side by catching up on "I'm Dying Up Here." Better yet, head out to the Mall where Santino will be performing through Sunday.