Shia LaBeouf needs a ride

Maybe you missed this: Shia LaBeouf has become a human art project.

At least, that’s how the Hollywood actor would like us to think of him (and not as an increasingly annoying celebrity who engages in bizarre behavior). The “art project” persona would explain last year’s meta-stunt when LaBeouf watched all of his movies non-stop in a theater and invited fans to follow along.

And it explains his latest thingy: He’s crisscrossing the country (with two fellow artists) by hitchhiking. The catch: Fans can follow his trail online and are encouraged to pick him up. Laboof passed through Minnesota last week, snapping a photo on a boat in Manitowoc, Wis., and was seen at a gas station in southeastern South Dakota. Follow his progress on the site

If this all screams “I need attention!” just be glad he’s not making another “Transformers.”