The Charlie Sheen story is now entering the phase where everyone’s fixed grin starts to feel a little tired, and everyone’s starting to tap their feet - c’mon, pal, be crazy again, because otherwise we’re going to look for someone new who can amuse us for a few days. What could keep this story alive for a few more days? MORE DONALD.

His mother Janet, who has been married to Martin Sheen since 1961, has now spoken out to defend her son, insisting Mueller was a bad influence on him and is “only happy” when the actor is in trouble.


She also slams property tycoon Donald Trump for claiming he had warned Mueller’s parents not to let their daughter marry the actor.


In an email obtained by, she writes, “The Donald (sic) is spreading such vicious lies about Charlie. Is there any way to stop him? Brooke… had been to 13 rehabs before meeting Charlie. She… had such a party girl rep before she met him.

Just a guess, but perhaps blaming the wife instead of demanding your son take responsibility might be one of those things that made him the narcissist he is today. It’s possible.

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