The second time around, Shania Twain was significantly better. Her performance Saturday night at Target Center in Minneapolis was more satisfying than her show there in July.


The 1990s country-pop superstar was looser and friendlier, more chatty and more fun. She seemed more invested in her vocals and just more comfortable with her Rock This Country Tour, which she says is her farewell trek.

Saturday’s concert was part of the second leg of the tour, and there have been some tweaks even though the set list remains the same.

Shania hit the stage in the same black leather jacket with long fringe but instead of a sequined red one-piece leotard she was wearing a spangly Rolling Stones min-dress, complete with tongue-logo (later she wore an AC/DC top with the Aussie rock band’s logo in red sequins). The new rock ‘n’ roll outfits lent a sense of fun, especially given her album-rock-inspired, drum-driven sound.

Besides the logo-emblazoned tops, Twain remodeled her ShaniaMobile in which she traveled around the arena floor during "Any Man of Mine." She ditched the clear plastic roof, which had made it resemble the PopeMobile, and now the vehicle looked more like a chariot. She also eschewed the selfie-stick during the ride, which had seemed like a trendy gimmick at the July 28 concert.

Twain, who turned 50 in August, seemed less rote and more in the moment this time. Not only did she slap countless hands of fans but when she was giving her little spiel about it’s been a long time – she went on a hiatus from touring 11 years ago – she caught herself and mentioned that it had only been since July in Minneapolis.

After Taylor Swift subjected Twin Cities fans to a robotic, supermodel-strutting performances earlier this month, it was refreshing to see Twain move with a more natural stride in her various over-the-knee boots and skimpy outfits.  And there was no question Shania was singing live. It was obvious when she delivered the “OK, so you’re Brad Pitt” line with apropos sarcasm during "That Don't Impress Me Much."

There was no new material and nothing really new (save the rock ‘n’ rolling outfits) but Twain had clearly hit the refresh button and it worked.