Powerful thunderstorms will continue to pose a danger to lives and property today. The severe weather is targeting the Tennessee Valley and South after leaving three people dead in the southern Plains. The deaths occurred when a tornado ripped through Mena, Ark. Twenty-two other people suffered injuries.

Today is beginning with a band of intense thunderstorms extending from central Kentucky to northern Alabama. These thunderstorms will head eastward, weakening in the process. That will not be the end of today's severe weather event. More thunderstorms will fire over the western Tennessee Valley later this morning.

The thunderstorms will then press through the eastern Tennessee Valley later today. At the same time, thunderstorms will erupt over the central Gulf Coast.

The severe weather activity will shift to southern Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia tonight.

Damaging winds, large hail, blinding downpours and destructive tornadoes threatened to be produced by the strongest thunderstorms.

Story by AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski