WASHINGTON -- Sen. Amy Klobuchar told MSNBC today that she is not being vetted to be a Supreme Court justice.

Klobuchar's name has lingered on the longer lists being floated by media types in recent weeks as President Obama mulls over who to appoint to replace the late Antonin Scalia, who died last month. Klobuchar is a former Hennepin County district attorney and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

(Sen. Al Franken is also a member of judiciary.)

White House officials are keeping considerations close to the vest, but said earlier this week Obama could appoint someone within a month. Senate Republicans have threatened to not hold any hearings for the new nominee, saying they prefer to wait until a new president is in office next year. Both Franken and Klobuchar have been outspoken against this idea on Capitol Hill. 

"I made it very clear I love my job now," Klobuchar told Andrea Mitchell. "I like to joke, there are actually more women on the U.S. Supreme Court right now than there are on the Senate Judiciary Committee. So I think I've got a good job now and I want to do it."