By Allison Sherry

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Al Franken went up with his first ad today highlighting the senator's work in expanding job training programs.

The campaign declined to give the size of the ad buy or how long the 30-second spot was running, but noted the spot was running statewide.

Federal Communications Commission filings show Franken's campaign has spent at least $40,000 to run the ad on KMSP and KSTP, but the files were not immediately available on KARE or WCCO, the state's largest television station. If the campaign bought equal airtime on all four stations, it would cost about $146,000, according to documents. 

One of Franken's leading GOP opponents, businessman Mike McFadden launched a small cable television ad last month with a hockey theme. The campaign spent less than $10,000 to run the ad, it said. This week, McFadden released another ad in which he brags that he is cheap that he took his son's stitches himself after he learned it would cost $100 to have it done by a nurse. None of the broadcast stations have files showing that McFadden's campaign has bought air time.

The Franken ad features Elizabeth Abraham, owner of Blaine's Top Tool, who said she had troubling filling jobs with workers.

Inspired by Abraham's plight, Franken crafted legislation that invests in partnerships between manufacturing companies and community colleges to train workers to fill high-skilled jobs.

Contributions from Rachel E. Stassen-Berger