Q: There is a local channel running all of the “Seinfeld” episodes and I am watching religiously. The characters on the show, especially Jerry and Elaine, seem to have had many, many sexual partners. I am wondering if anyone has researched or kept track of the numbers.

A: Although these folks were apparently busy getting busy, the actual estimates vary. For example, blog kramersapartment.com cites a “Seinfeld” DVD set saying there are 73, counting both those seen and those alluded to. Elaine tallies 50 according to WikiSein and 56 on kramersapartment.com. Before you ask, George clocks in between 47 and 62, the latter the WikiSein count, and one tally I saw for Kramer, on kramersapartment.com, is 16.

The wild West on Netflix

Q: I am trying to find a show that I believe premiered on TNT several years ago, and then moved to a streaming network. I thought I saw it being offered on Amazon but lost it. The show takes place in I believe Nevada or another Western state, it has a sheriff and his deputies which include a woman.

A: When I offered information about “Longmire” as a possibility, that proved to be what you remembered. Based on the novels by Craig Johnson, it involved a Wyoming sheriff played by Robert Taylor (no relation to the old movie actor of the same name). From 2012 to 2017 it ran for three seasons on A&E before going to Netflix for three more. You can still find it, including on Netflix and on DVD.


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