Wolves are thought of as red-meat eaters, but biologists in northern Minnesota, near Voyageurs National Park, documented a pack that enjoys a meal of fish. Tom Gable, a doctoral student, discovered the fishing technique of a pack named Bowman’s Bay. “The wolves are standing next to the creek in the dark, just listening or looking,” he said. “You can see the wolves abruptly head to the water several times after hearing a splash — they learned what a fish splashing in the creek sounds like and they know that it means food.”

Ant sets speed record

The Dracula ant is not much of a traveler, living mostly in tree trunks or underground. But surprisingly it might be one of the fastest animals on Earth (just not in a foot race.) One species, Mystrium camillae, has a pair of mandibles that can snap at 200 mph. That’s 5,000 times faster than you can blink your eye. It’s three times faster than the mandibles of the trap-jaw ant, the previous fastest-moving insect.