Here’s a recipe that pairs sweet watermelon with tangy, salty feta cheese and tiny pasta. It’s a great salad to serve with grilled fish or chicken. For a potluck or outdoor barbecue, it’s a nice salad to serve in place of the usual pasta or potato salad.

If you’re not familiar with Israeli couscous, it’s a lot like regular couscous only bigger. Israeli couscous is often labeled “pearl’ size, and once cooked, it ends up being about the size of tiny beads.

Israeli couscous takes about twice as long (10 to 12 minutes) to cook as the regular grain-like couscous. Look for it near the regular couscous or in the ethnic foods aisle. You can find it in plain or tricolor varieties.

This refreshing blend of sweet and salty will hold for an hour or two in the refrigerator, but is best served immediately. Substitute spinach or arugula for watercress if you wish.