The 11th SAGE Awards for excellence in the Twin Cities dance community will be held at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 13 at teh Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts. 
The complete list of nominees:
Outstanding Dance Performance
* "Every Other," Aniccha Arts
* "Lost Voices in Jazz: The Choreographers of the Minnesota Jazz Dance Company,"
    Karla Grotting and The Eclectic Edge Ensemble
* "Motirô," Contempo Physical Dance
* "Quiet As It’s Kept," Brownbody
* "The Secrets of Slave Songs," Threads Dance Project
Outstanding Dance Performer
*Angharad Davies: "Soft Fences" and" In Which _____ and Others Discover the End"
  Gadu DouShin: "Fu-Ku-Shi-Ma" and "HATE"
*Timothy Herian: "The Secrets of Slave Songs, " "Aahvaan: Invoking the
  Cities," "Motiro" and "Vulcao," "Lost Voices in Jazz"
*Shohei Iwahama: James Sewell Ballet Fall and Spring Concerts, "Suspicious Fisherman"
*Dustin Maxwell: "Still Life," "Stripe Tease," "Fu-Ku-Shi-Ma"
*Chitra Vairavan Neel: "Blutopias of Radical Dreaming," Aahvaan: Invoking the Cities"
  and "Every Other"
Outstanding Dance Ensemble
Ananya Dance Theatre in Neel: Blutopias of Radical Dreaming and Aahvaan: Invoking the
Cities Ananya
Chatterjea, Chitra Vairavan, Renee Copeland, Hui Niu Wilcox, Lela Pierce,
Katie Haynes, Alexandra Eady, Kealoha Alex Ferreira, Magnolia YanSaoYia,
Awadallah, Prakshi Malik, Brittany Radke, James Galtney with guest artist Sha Cage and Emma
Marlar (understudy)
Contempo Physical Dance in Motirô – Jarod Boltjes, James Galtney, Catlin Henderson,
Timothy Herian, Gemma Isaacson, Mirabal Miller, Alexander Pham, Elander Rosser and
Marciano Silva dos Santos
Nenkin Butoh Dan in FuKuShiMa
– Gadu DouShin, Dustin Maxwell, Masanari Karahawa
Outstanding Design
* Overall Design for "Alice in Wonderland": Joe Chvala, Peter Baker, Robin McIntyre, Mary
   Anna Culligan, Cindy Forsgren, Jeff Bartlett, Cody Anderson, Sandy Speiler, Paul Robinson,
   Justin Spooner, Jakes Endres, Peter O’Gorman & the extended Orkestar Bez Ime.
* Heidi Eckwall: Lighting design for "Soft Fences, I hate myself. Will you still love me?,"
   Mainstreet Project, Unearthing the Family Jewels, Momentum Week One, & In Which _____
   and Others Discover the End
* Set, Sound, Lighting and Video Design for "Soft Fences": Megan Mayer, Elliott Durko Lynch,
   Heidi Eckwall, Kevin Obsatz, Matt Regan, Xopher Smith.
* Overall Design for "Test Pilot": Penelope Freeh, Jocelyn Hagen, Stephanie Fellner, Lynn
   Farrington, J. Anthony Allen, Jack Dant, Kevin A. Jones, Justin Schell.
* Venus de Mars: Musical performance for "Nothing Astonishes Men so Much as Common Sense
   and Plain Dealing"
Outstanding Dance Educator
Ananya Chatterjea
Kenna Camara Cottman
Rene Thompson
Special Citation
Lisa First and Link Vostok
Katherine and Robert Goodale
Karla Grotting

Tickets $15-$20. 612-206-3600 or See for more info.