Updated at 5:13 p.m.

Former mayor R.T. Rybak is penning a book about his time at the helm of Minneapolis.

Rybak, who now runs an education-focused non-profit, left office in 2014 after three terms as mayor. He announced Monday morning that the book, "Pothole Confidential: My Life as Mayor of Minneapolis," will be published in April 2016 by the Universty of Minnesota Press.

The book is sure to stoke speculation about Rybak's political ambitions. He ran unsuccessfuly for governor in 2010, but has said he is interested in running for the office again.

"I understand why some would think that, but that's not what this is about," Rybak wrote in an e-mail. "If I was using this as a political springboard I wouldn't have written about as many mistakes as I did."

Rybak added that he wanted to write "an honest book that shows politics isn't like House of Cards but usually well intentioned human beings having some successes and failures."

"I also wanted the book to encourage more people to run for office because, while people ascribe a lot of negative motives to politicians, I think it can sometimes be a noble, if sometimes flawed, pursuit," Rybak said.

The director of the University of Minnesota Press, Doug Armato, described the book as a "memoir" in a statement.

An accompanying description of the book said it will cover "challenges and crises confronting the city" over 12 years. Several topics highlighted include the Interstate 35W bridge collapse, youth violence and a referendum on banning gay marriage.

Rybak spent years as a journalist at the Star Tribune, before pursuing jobs in alt-weekly publishing,  downtown development and Internet consulting. Since leaving City Hall, he has been executive director of Generation Next, a non-profit focused on closing the educational acheivement gap.

Above: An image from the University of Minnesota Press book announcement (University of Minnesota Press).