What's big and red and loved by kids all over?

Clifford the Big Red Dog, of course.

The Children's Museum of Minnesota welcomes back the "Adventures With Clifford the Big Red Dog" exhibit with a Valentine's Day celebration Saturday. Families are welcome to share pizza, carrots and lemonade with Clifford before the Big Red Valentine's Party at 6 p.m. Afterward, kids can make Valentine's Day cards, decorate cookies and explore and play with Clifford just like Emily Elizabeth does, on the interactive Birdwell Island.

"The kids really like it," said Kylee Breems, marketing director of the Children's Museum. "I think a whole new crop of kids will turn out than five years ago."

"The Adventures With Clifford the Big Red Dog" debuted at the Minnesota Children's Museum five years ago and is the first and most successful traveling exhibit to date. The exhibit runs through Sept. 7 and will include many events for families, including breakfast and a story with Clifford two Saturdays a month. The exhibit allows children and families to experience the adventures featured in the more than 160 stories written by Norman Bridwell and on the popular TV program on PBS.

Karrah Anderson is a University of Minnesota journalism student on assignment for the Star Tribune.