Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, looking for states where he might blunt the momentum of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, comes to Minneapolis on Tuesday for a campaign rally. 

Trump's resounding win in South Carolina's primary on Saturday gave the billionaire businessman's unconventional candidacy its strongest boost yet. With Jeb Bush out, second-place finisher Rubio needs to consolidate backing from Republicans unsettled by Trump's unconventional, anti-establishment candidacy. 

Rubio's Minneapolis rally is set for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis. Ticket details are here

Minnesota's caucus is March 1, a week to the day after Rubio's rally. In all, 11 states will hold primaries or caucuses that day. There's one Republican contest before that, Nevada's caucus this Tuesday.

A growing roster of prominent Minnesota Republicans are backing Rubio. The latest is former Sen. Norm Coleman, who was in Bush's camp. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whom Rubio just barely edged out in South Carolina, has also demonstrated significant support in Minnesota. 

Trump's potential in Minnesota's GOP caucus has been harder to pin down. But in the last week his campaign has held a handful of organizational meetings in Minnesota.