Miss all the hoohah over Trump running for president? Here’s the next reality show personality looking for publicity:


Former sitcom star Roseanne Barr says she’s running for president. Barr made the announcement during the taping of Thursday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “I am running for President of the United States,” Barr said to cheers.

According to a Tonight Show insider, Barr then claimed, “I’m totally serious,” and explained, “‘Cause I want to be part of the debates, because I want to represent the tax payer. In fact, I’m choosing the tax payers as my vice president.”

Oh, Rosanne, I don’t care what they say. You’ve still got it. Of course, you can’t have a symbolic constructs as veep, but it’s still a knee-slapper.

 If you’re wondering why she suddenly feels aggravated about taxes, it’s possible running a Hawaii nut farm opened her eyes. As she said last June:

"I understand a revolt by American taxpayers who are getting nothing for paying these huge taxes," said a now salt-and-pepper-haired Barr. "But the solution is for the American public to have some say in how public money is spent. I believe that public money needs to be spent on the American public, not these private contractors who Sarah Palin works for."

So she’s really, really thought these things through.

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