A man apprehended by police Wednesday night outside a Rochester grocery store got into a struggle with officers, and he died at the scene, authorities said.

The altercation occurred about 9 p.m. outside the Cub Foods store in the 1000 block of SE. 15th Avenue after the man was pulled over in his pickup truck during a traffic stop for numerous violations, a police statement issued Thursday morning said.

The man attempted to drive away, but the officer was able to get the vehicle to stop in the same area, the statement continued.

“Once the vehicle was finally stopped, a physical struggle immediately ensued,” Police Chief Jim Franklin told KTTC-TV from the scene. “Once the individual was apprehended, he was unresponsive.”

Officers immediately began lifesaving efforts and called for an ambulance, the chief continued.

“Unfortunately, those lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful,” Franklin said.

Police have not offered specifics on what led to the traffic stop or what means the officers used in apprehending the man, whose identity has not been released.

A video of the incident posted on YouTube captured an officer yelling, “Get on the ground now.” Seconds later, officers caught up to the man and took him to the pavement.

At one point, the man can be heard over emergency dispatch audio saying, “I’m calm.” Less than 10 seconds later, officers called for an ambulance, the audio revealed.

Soon after, several officers were kneeling around the man and administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation for several minutes. A portable defibrillator also was employed, police said.

The police statement said no officers fired their weapons during the encounter. All of the officers had on body-worn cameras, and the video has been turned over to the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is now investigating the incident.

In the meantime, the responding officers were placed on standard administrative leave.