THE Traveler: Maxine Saul of Lakeville.

The scene: Two camels and their passengers, led by a guide, traversed dunes in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.

Destination: "The Sahara is the most enigmatic and awe-inspiring natural wonder that I experienced in Morocco," Saul wrote in an e-mail. "The sea of sand dunes shimmering gray, yellow, orange and red was a sight to behold." Saul recently returned from a trip to Morocco, which holds a small portion of this desert in its south and east. The Sahara Desert takes up 3.5 million square miles of northern Africa, stretching across Mauritania, Algeria, Niger and Egypt.

Getting the shot: "I was riding a camel to the top of a dune to watch a sunset when I spied this small caravan heading up to watch the sunset as well," Saul wrote. "It was no small accomplishment to be able to hold my camera still enough to capture the shot since a camel plodding through the sand does not yield a smooth ride." She noted that she took the photo as the sun was setting — "the golden hour" — which enhanced the colors of the desert. "I was struck by how small the caravan group looked when compared to the vast expanse of sand and sky," she wrote.

Equipment: Saul used a Panasonic Lumix 200 camera.

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