THE Traveler: Dave Marsh of Mahtomedi.

The scene: The tip of the photographer's canoe leads the way on Basswood Lake, bathed in golden light, in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The trip: Marsh has been taking an annual trip to the Boundary Waters with his son for 25 years; they began when his son was 7 years old. "We started going when we lived in Chicago. I wanted something that we could do together. Something with no distractions. Something that most kids in Chicago did not experience. He loved it the first time we went. And now that he lives in Denver, he still makes the trip here every year. Our other son is 24 and typically goes with us. He was not able to make it this year after getting married and starting his first job out of college with 3M in Hutchinson." He added that his oldest son is now a father. "We are discussing how we can't wait to take his son Cullen when he turns 7 years old. Three generations in that beautiful place will be amazing."

Getting the shot: Marsh used a technique called bracketing to get this picture. "Bracketing is taking three to seven images (depending on the camera) to capture the darks and lights of a scene," he explained. This blending of images makes a photograph that clearly shows the light areas, such as the sky in this shot, along with the dark areas, such as the bottom of the canoe.

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