On at least two occasions in October, thieves broke into storage lockers in Burnsville and made off with more than $50,000 of firearms, original art work and Middle Eastern rugs, police said.

On Thursday, police announced a $1,000 reward for information that might help police catch those responsible and recover the stolen items.

Police say crooks used a rental van to cart away the goods that were taken from two units in separate burglaries that occurred Oct. 29 and 31 from North Star Mini Storage at 143rd Street and County Road 5.

One surveillance video clip shows a man driving away in a truck. Another video shows a woman driving away in a truck. From the videos, police believe that a group of individuals was involved in the two heists, said police spokesman Matt Smith

“We don’t really know why they hit the area twice in three days,” he said.

Anybody with information can call Det. David Luchsinger at 952-641-1120. The identity of anyone providing information can be protected, the Burnsville Police Department said.