Minnesota Republicans, who called for unity at a Saturday meeting, let their old hard feelings spill out into public view Sunday.

During a conservative talk show, The Late Debate, former Tom Emmer staffer and radio host Jack Tomczak and former Republican Party deputy chair Michael Brodkorb rehashed 2010 election differences, relit after party chair Tony Sutton resigned and Brodkorb publicly criticized Emmer.

The bitterness also streamed out on Twitter:

"Emmer people pretend to think lack of Seifert people support was reason they lost. Delusional. Can't face their own incompetence," tweeted  JohnGilmore.

Meanwhile, those who worked and volunteered for the Emmer campaign said on Twitter it appeared Brodkorb was dismissing all their work.

"And we sincerely can't thank you and others enough. RT : I spent time away from my family too- no title- no pay," Chris Van Guilder, a former Emmer staffer, tweeted in response to a volunteer. (Kihne volunteered for the 3rd District Republicans.)

DeJournett also summed up the issues this way: "Toxic. 30 days of this is going to be really old! I'd rather focus on positive efforts & working together...geez....already."

An earlier iteration of this post also included a tweet from Nancy LaRoche, saying "Jack is toxic!" Update: Tomczak called Hot Dish to say this tweet was a joke and LaRoche confirmed it was a joke on Twitter.

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