New Minnesota Republican Party chairman Pat Shortridge Friday told activists of new committees he set up as part of the "process of reforming our Party so we can win elections."

The old chairman Tony Sutton has been  heavily criticized for secrecy surrounding party finances.

Shortridge's committees include one that charged with looking at the budget, financial controls and oversight and another charged with taking a "fresh look" at fundraising.

Here's the note Shortridge sent to activists Friday:

Janet Beihoffer will head the Voting Integrity Committee and has agreed to be the Party’s Director of Voting Integrity Operations for the 2012 elections. Janet led the Party’s highly successful program during the 2010 elections, recruiting, training and placing thousands of election judges, poll challengers and volunteer attorneys.

“I appreciate Janet’s willingness to once again lead this critically important aspect of our Party’s 2012 electoral efforts.  Janet’s spirit of volunteerism and dedication speaks volumes about our Party and its very bright future.”

Joe Westrup, Pat Anderson, and Jeff Johnson will lead the Budget, Financial Controls, and Oversight Committee.  They will be joined on the Committee by Terry McCall, Randy Gilbert, Bron Scherer, Kelly Fenton, Pat Shortridge, and the Secretary-Treasurer, when he or she is appointed.  I have asked Mike Vekich to advise the Committee.

“For our Party, really any organization, to be successful and fulfill its mission, we need appropriate financial controls and budgets that matter.  We’re well on our way to solving many of the problems that have plagued us, and at the same time, we have to make sure they never happen again.  This Committee will make sure that we’re spending money wisely on behalf of the things we believe in so we win in November.”

Kelly Fenton and David FitzSimmons will lead a Committee on BPOU Coordination. They will be joined by a group of current and former BPOU leaders from across the state to be appointed in the near future.

“Kelly and David know that our BPOUs are the core of our Party’s central mission of persuading Minnesotans and winning elections.  We have to give our BPOUs the tools they need to be successful.  Whether it’s sharing information or developing best practices, this Committee will be a major step forward in reinvigorating our grassroots and strengthening our party at the local level.”

Kelly Fenton, Bill Guidera, and Steve Perkins will lead a Committee on Fundraising charged with evaluating all Party fundraising programs and projects.

“Money remains the lifeblood of our Party.  I said from the beginning that the only things we don’t need to reevaluate are our principles and beliefs.  Everything else deserves a fresh look.  That’s what this Committee must do.”

Joe Westrup and Kurt Daudt will head the Voter ID and Targeting Committee.

“Identifying, targeting, and turning out voters will be the core function of what we do in 2012.  Joe and Kurt will help make sure we have the best plan to do that.”

Scott Dutcher, Terry McCall, Adam Weigold, and David FitzSimmons will lead the Coalition Development and Expansion Committee.

“The Republican Party is growing and expanding.  As the 2010 election results demonstrated, we’re bringing in new voters, while many more remain skeptical of the DFL’s stale liberalism.  This Committee will help our Party continue to expand in ways consistent with our values and principles.  It’s important that we help more Minnesotans from all walks of life understand that their values are Republican values.”

Adam Weigold will lead our Technology Committee.

“Using technology to fulfill our missions faster, better, and at a lower cost remains a key Party priority.”

Chairman Shortridge added the following closing comments:

“These are the first steps in the process of reforming our Party so we can win elections and become the governing conservative majority our state so desperately needs.  In the days ahead, you will see several additional announcements regarding Party functions and operations.  We WILL have a clear plan, with clear job descriptions, and a marriage of accountability and responsibility.”