The state Republican Party is planning an ad campaign encouraging Gov. Mark Dayton and the Legislature to return all of the projected $1.9 billion budget surplus to Minnesotans in the form of tax cuts. 

Republican Chairman Keith Downey released a statement today through a spokesman and promised more information next week: "We are committed to educating the public that the Democrats' $2 billion tax increase gave state government a nearly $2 billion surplus, and they should give it back, not spend it." 

Star Tribune contributor Michael Brodkorb first reported the plan Thursday. A "Give it all back" ad buy of at least six figures was approved in an executive committee conference call Tuesday, Brodkorb wrote. 

(Also earlier this week, the Star Tribune reported the state party still owes debts to national vendors from work done in 2014, a figure Downey pegged at about $300,000.)

A campaign encouraging legislators to "Give it all back" would be at odds with proposals of many House Republicans, who took the majority in their 2014 election victory.

House Republicans have not produced a budget yet, but many members have proposed new spending to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.  

After the budget forecast was announced last week, House Speaker Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, said he expected Republicans to propose returning at least half of the surplus to taxpayers but also said schools, nursing homes and roads and bridges would likely be recipients of more money.