WASHINGTON -- Democratic Rep. Tim Walz and Republican Rep. Tom Emmer may come from different sides of the political aisle and represent different parts of the state, but in comedy, it turns out they are compliments.

The two members were invited to join a Minneapolis-based theater company called The Theater of Public Policy, which recently wrapped up a week of shows in D.C.

Walz and Emmer riffed with host Tane Danger for several minutes. Here are a few laugh lines that didn't make it to video.

On the annual Hot Dish cooking competition held annually among the Minnesota Congressional delegation:

Emmer: "It started as a friendly competition, but now it's brutal."

Walz: "I lost last year to Congresswoman McCollum, but she put kale in her hotdish. You can't have kale in a hotdish!"

Host Tane Danger: "How very St. Paul of her."

On which presidential candidate, from an opposing party, you would bring to a desert island:

Emmer: "Is it survivor?" he asked.

Danger: "No, you get to bring one romance novel, a bottle of sunscreen and your favorite presidential candidate."

Emmer: "It's pretty obvious. If you got the novel and everything else, I'd pick Joe Biden."

Walz: "I would take Ben Carson," he said, of the neurosurgeon GOP presidential candidate. "I figure he has a broader skillset."

Will the government shut down?

Walz: "Having lived though this, people I listen to seem to think we may avoid that."

Emmer: "The government is not shutting down as far as I'm concerned."