A report out of Hollywood says Neve Campbell will play the Twin Cities mother whose memoir centers on her teenage son and his song "Clouds," which became a worldwide sensation upon his death from a rare form of bone cancer in May 2013.

Warner Bros. is in production of "Clouds," a movie about the life of Zach Sobiech, the 18-year-old from Lakeland whose song's video surpassed 3 million views at the time of his death from osteosarcoma, in May 2013. His mother Laura Sobiech, wrote "Fly a Little Higher," which is the basis for the movie.

Deadline Hollywood reported late last week that Campbell has been tapped to portray Laura Sobiech. Campbell's credits include the Netflix series "House of Cards" and TV's "Party of Five," and the "Scream" movies and featured film "Skyscraper."

Fin Argus has been cast in the role of Zach Sobiech.

"Fly a Little Higher" (a line from "Clouds") traces the family's journey from the day in 2009 when Zach, then 14, developed a mysterious limp, until his death.

Justin Baldoni is pegged to direct and produce the movie. Baldoni created the digital documentary series, "My Last Days." Zach Sobiech's story closed out the first season.