A 49-year-old repeat felon from Minneapolis is one step closer to being right about what his future holds.

Brady A. Johnson pleaded guilty Monday in federal court in St. Paul to robbing a TCF National Bank on March 28 on W. Lake Street in Uptown.

He admitted that he robbed the bank of more than $3,800 after gesturing to the teller that he had a gun. He handed the teller a note that read, "This is a robbery." When the teller didn't react immediately, Johnson said, "This isn't a joke. This is a robbery. Look at the note. Give me all the fifties and hundreds. I have a gun, and I will shoot you."

A GPS device slipped into the pack of money given to Johnson helped police determine that he had fled on a Metro Transit bus.

Officers stopped the bus near W. 24th Street and Harriet Avenue S. and apprehended him. He had the stolen cash, the GPS device and the note.

Police said that Johnson told them he knew he was "going to prison for a long time." He has previously been convicted for federal bank robbery, simple robbery and aggravated robbery.

For his crime, Johnson faces a potential maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Sentencing has yet to be scheduled.