WASHINGTON -- Rep. Michele Bachmann spent two hours on the Hallmark network Monday touting her foster parenting experience and her desire to have a house full of kids above all else. 

She also brandished her napkin folding skills.

In an interview with Mark Steines on Hallmark's "“Home & Family," Bachmann talked about mothering and her and her husband's choice to take in 23 teenage girls over the course of six years as foster parents. She said they had four teen girls at a time, usually for about two years, along with their five biological children. They often took in girls with eating disorders, she said. 

"Are you crazy?" Steines said.

Bachmann said she is the "old woman in the shoe" and that she always wanted a house full of kids and to be "a happy mom."

She described family vacations in parks playing baseball and softball and with dogs and going down to the river and "skipping stones."

"It sounds "Little House on the Prairie" but I mean honestly it was just very simple," she said. 

She said they stopped taking foster youth when her oldest son turned 16 because she sensed her biological children needed her in their older years.

Bachmann also showed off her deftness in napkin folding during a "tea party." She said she learned the avocation in a class she took to make new friends. Watch that segment here

Asked about her legacy, Bachmann said she has accomplished it with raising her five biological children.

"They are great kids and they've turned out," she said. "God forbid if I was hit by a bus today, I'm done. These kids have turned out, they're doing great. There is nothing better. That's the legacy."